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Divemaster Deep scenario

Nusa Penida

Yesterday my fellow DMTs Kraen and Mark, Andre, Mads and I went to get down with some diving at Nusa Penida and do the deep diver scenario, snorkel guiding and Discover Local Diving. The first dive site was Manta point where we were trying out some deep diving and as the name suggests, we did indeed have some nice company in form of a beautiful manta. It was so cool how I was just checking over my shoulder to see where the others where at, when I saw the beauty flying only a couple of meters over my head. No matter how many times I see them, I think I’ll always be as impressed. Anyhow, we ended the dive by breathing from a drop tank during the safety stop and we also realized that there’s room for some serious improvement concerning sending up SMBs, but you learn while you live, like we say back home in Sweden.

After a short boat trip we ended up by Manta Bay where Kraen and I were to do the skin diver guide. And yet again the name didn’t disappoint us, before we even got out of the boat, two mantas decided to greet us at the surface. Event hough I prefer being under water, snorkeling ain’t too bad, especially when there’s mantas around.

The third and last stop was at the dive site called Toya pakeh, where Mark was leading us on a DLD. Before we even got in the water, we had the suspicion that the conditions would be interesting and, they sure were. The whole dive we had a nice down current trying to drag us down along the sloping corals and I found myself hanging on to the slope at times just to be able to see what ever lived there. At least it was an experience, and I now know I can handle it. We ended the dive by constructing the biggest net ever made by SMBs and yet again the room for improvement felt even bigger this time.. well, well practice is key.

When we got back up again we enjoyed our lunch before heading back to Sanur. Overall we had an awesome day at sea learning and trying out new things as well of seeing plenty of probably my favorite creature of the sea; mantas. Once again I had a day that proved that doing my Divemaster course with Crystal Divers, was one of my best decisions ever.

//Ellen – Divemaster Trainee at Crystal Divers



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