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PADI Self Reliant Diver

PADI Self Reliant Diver Specialty Course Bali

Designed for experienced divers, this is the perfect course for Photographers and Videographers. In the PADI Self Reliant Specialty you will learn self reliant techniques and how to manage situations where you may be separated from your buddy for extended periods of time. you will learn how to calculate your air consumption per minute (SAC rate), which allows you to calculate an plan you dive more in detail than normally. Also you will get introduced to use a pony bottle as a back up gas supply and how to fit it to your gear to make everything more streamlined. This is the course for those few who has the self discipline and are prepared for a bit of a challenge swimming with out mask for several minutes at depth to practice safe ascent in case yo would lose you mask during a dive.

This is a great course in general and you now have the chance to become a Self reliant diver with Crystal Divers in Bali, in fact Crystal Divers are one of the very few dive centers in the world that is allowed to teach this course.

This might be something you think you don’t need a certification for however IT IS ! Insurance wise, unless you are certified as a self reliant diver most likely your insurance will not cover you in case anything happens to you. since most insurances states they cover you as long as you dive within your certification level. So by taking this course you will not only have a great time you will also be covered by insurances.

Course content: 2 days, 3 dives

Sidemount Diver in Bali Self reliant PADI

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