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AWARE Shark Conservation

AWARE Shark Conservation Specialty Course

A fascinating insight into these amazing creatures and an opportunity to learn more about these often misunderstood Ocean predators. And of course the chance to dive with various types of sharks with crystal divers, we know where to find them we can show you just come and dive with us and we will teach you everything about sharks! Do the AWARE Shark Conservation Specialty with Crystal Divers today!

What you will learn:

How many types of sharks is there ?
How do they communicate?
How fast can sharks swim?
How long have sharks been around?
How often do they eat?
What food do they prefer?
Why are people hunting them ?
Why are sharks so important to the ocean and to us humans?
What can we do to protect the sharks ?

All these are a few of the things we will give u answers on during the course and of course allot more, all  based on years and years of research. So sign up to do the PADI Sharks specialty course with Crystal divers and get the chance to dive with sharks in Bali.

Course content: 1 day, 2 dives

Diving With Sharks In Bali

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