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This is the Crystal Divers Team

Everyone you see on this page is what makes Crystal Divers work smooth like a clock. This is the team. We don’t really call it that, we call it family. And you are a part of it. When you come diving with us you will meet most of the people here. Have a look at the short description but do check out the videos from each instructor and learn things about them that you did not know.

Crystal Divers Course Directors

Minni Vangsgaard

Owner / Platinum PADI Course Director

Takayuki Matsumoto

PADI Course Director #480499

I start diving in Bundaberg Australia on Jan 2004. I liked it so much so straight after my Open water course I decide become a PADI instructor. I wanted to work outside Japan, so I thought becoming a Diving instructor can make my wish come true. So I started my Professional diving training at the same dive center in Apr 2004. An until now i have been living my dream as a PADI Course director. When I go fun diving what I like the most is Macro diving in calm, warm water without any current. I can teach PADI courses in Japanese and English.

Conny Jeppson

Platinum PADI Course Director #251136

As a person that grown up in Sweden it’s quite amazing to be able to live and show people the wonders of the underwater world. It all started after many years ago when I went to Thailand training Muay Thai, after a few visits I started to dive as well, and that was it…. Now 6 years later I’m the main Course Director conducting IDCs at Crystal for the last 2 years and being able to influence our new Instructors going out doing the best job in the world is the most rewarding part of my job. When I’m not working I try to keep myself as active as possible doing all different kinds of sports – tennis, golf, gym and running.

Crystal Divers Instructors and Divemasters

Else Poulsen

PADI IDC Staff Instructor #462903

I am from the land of “LEGO” and the fairy tale “The Little Mermaid” and has worked for Disney as an artist. But then in 1993 I decided to start my own little fairytale and so I did in Asia. Working with in the tourism industry as a guide and organiser. But then luckily I got stuck in Bali in 1998 while working as a tour guide. Soon after I arrived I learned how to dive and loved it. So I decided that I was going to become a little mermaid myself. Now 2 decades later I am still here but has managed to dive all over Indonesia on day cruisers, liveaboards teaching the world how to dive. I have a deep passion for Physiology and really enjoy teaching anything related to it such as EFR,  EFRI. I have also had the luxury of learning how to dive deal with Disabled divers which is challenging and extremely rewarding.  I can teach PADI Courses in Danish and English. So if you would like to become a little mermaid come and dive with me i will teach you.

Robin Bylund

PADI Master Instructor #303530

I am half Swedish & half German, was made in India but born in Sweden and I live in Bali.
I got into Diving in Thailand in 2005 and been hooked ever since and right then and there decided to make it my career. Who does not want to live in a paradise and work with something that is hard not t o love.  In 2009 I quit my Software/marketing job and got rid of everything I owned in Sweden and moved to Bali to start my professional diving career which is the best choice I have ever made… Working in the dive industry gives me the opportunity to meet and teach people from all over the world and actually have a positive impact on peoples life’s. This is exactly what gets me going. Come and dive with me and I will might change your life to !! I love to dive abit faster, deeper and with as many tanks as possible WHY ? Because I can ! I can teach PADI course in Swedish, English, German, Norwegian and Danish  “if you can dream it you can do it”

Gusde Weda

PADI Elite Instructor #339498

I am Balinese so I am born and raised in Bali. After I finished school I was going to have a break from studies but then got so bored. So I started to work at Crystal Divers, first i worked in the rooms  as housekeeping staff but after every day seeing all divers I got more and more interested in diving. Becoming a diver became my dream At this time I could not speak English or swim so i needed to learn that first (2011). in 2012 I started to work with the equipment for a while and during evenings and time off I jumped into the pool at night  to learn myself to swim. Then one day I tried to dive and I loved it and I knew I wanted to work as a dive professional. One day I had the chance to stop work in the equipment and start my training to become a Divemaster. I worked as Divemaster for about 1 year and then finally I became a PADI instructor in February 2015. I love everything about diving and I am for sure the happiest certified PADI dive instructor in the world!

Suhendra Cheng

PADI Elite Instuctor #357031

I spent 15 years abroad worked in multicultural environment before decided to return home. Born in North Sumatera, I fell in love with Bali as i discovered its rich underwater world. Surprisingly amazed after one snorkeling trip in Tulamben, I quickly rose through the PADI ranks by joining Zero to Hero path. Currently a Master Scuba Diver Trainer  (MSDT). I speak fluent English and Chinese, and is enthusiastic about passing on my passion in diving.  Whether you are someone seeking for a new seriously fun activity or simply just want to relax away from daily routine, I invite you to Bali, the Island of (diving) Gods!” to come and dive with me.

Liza Novarina

PADI Divemaster #353969

I was born in South Sumatra in the mountains amongst beautiful forest areas, rivers and waterfalls. Prior to diving I was working in various NGOs both local and international where I dealt with conservation project, risk and disaster reduction projects. Then I simply wanted to try something new. So I started diving in January 2014 and as you know diving is extremely addictive. Once you start you can’t stop, you just want more. Also meeting people from all over the world is something that I really enjoy so working as a dive professional is the perfect job for me. My best dive experience ever is diving with a school of Dolphins in Nusa Penida. So come and dive with Dolphins with me so i can share my experience with you.

Jaka (Abskar Zakariyya)

PADI Divemaster # 353968

I was born in Singaraja in Bali which were I also grew up. I been studying English Tourism and hotel management so working in the tourism industry was the next natural step for me. In January 2014 I started diving and I must admit at first it was hard work but the more I dive the more I have come to love it. Now days I enjoy every single dive and I know that this is the right career for me for many years to come. My favourite type of diving is drift diving so come and join me for a drift dive in Bali.  When I am not diving I enjoy camping and trekking and climbing the mountains.

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